Museum Tales land at MACRO

The book “ Museum Tales – Storytelling by the author for the museum 4.0 “was presented yesterday (11/10) at the MACRO-Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. It collects the reflections of cultural professionals who have put their knowledge at the service of museums and the communication of cultural heritage. They range from the theme of the origins of museum storytelling, to how the stories of archaeology are told at the museum, from storytelling accessible to everyone to narrative museums and from the combination of innovation, technology and storytelling to social media and the harsh laws of the web.
For ETT our Adele Magnelli intervened, author of one of the essays in the book, present together with the curator and director of Archeostorie Cinzia Dal Maso, the expert of the narrating museums Aldo Russo and the storytelling master Andrea Pugliese. The authors, starting from the contrast between the book and the place of the presentation-the MACRO- which stands as the overcoming of the very idea of ​​museum, gave birth to a debate in which we tried to go well beyond the idea of ​​museum as it is now understood, a treasure chest to hide and preserve, but a lively place, full of stories of preserved pieces and also stories of museum professionals themselves. Museums are places full of stories to be listened to.

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