ETT takes part in Genoa Smart Week and SMAU Genoa

Orientations, School, Training and Workplace Orientation Exhibition, held in the Porto Antico area of ​​Genoa from November 13th to 15th, not by chance has included Verreschi among the “Courageous Captains”, that is the entrepreneurs, artists, men of a culture that, in several respects, has something to tell students about work and professional trajectories, invited to chair the thematic Masterclasses.

“To design memorable moments, linking people and places together with involving participation – Verreschi pointed out – we design and create engaging and unique experiences through the combination of cutting-edge technologies and innovative storytelling.”

An approach that is revolutionizing the cultural sector, creating job prospects for young people and new professions, but also a driver for change and the acceleration of the cultural ecosystem. A multilevel and multidisciplinary vision, which harmonizes humanistic skills with technological ones, generating new “cultural and creative” companies capable of generating “cultural impact” in an era of transition, interpreting the changes taking place and intervening with an unprecedented dialogue between experts , technologists, artists and humanists.

The Work Training Platform at the Career Day - Genoa 2018 Guidelines
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