ETT Spa is now part of the Mediterranean Aerospace Society

Founded in 1998, SAM is the first Italian company to aggregate small and medium-sized enterprises in the aerospace sector and is an innovative system of simultaneous and collaborative engineering.

With this new collaboration ETT confirms once again  its ability to innovate and manage complex projects, even in an extremely dynamic and competitive sector such as aerospace.

Thanks to this partnership ETT will be able to further enhance its research areas, such as GIS WEB IT platforms capable of processing and aggregating geo-referenced data in real time, innovative engagement systems (such as virtual reality, augmented reality and 4D) but also areas such as gaming and edutainment.
The direction is always that of energy efficiency: from the smart city to the data for environmental monitoring.

The Mediterranean Aerospace Society is composed of fifteen companies (small, medium, large) actively operating in the aerospace sector. The objective is to expand the potential market with particular attention to the internationalization process, diversifying the production both in terms of product and of industrial sectors of release. The company’s strategy is to support and implement the activities of member companies, using their resources and expertise in specific programs and projects at national and international level.

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