new audio and videoguides available for the System of the Rome Civic Museums

ETT worked a new important project to make the Civic Museums of Rome Capital even more accessible and engaging for the general public, enhancing its contents with innovative multimedia tools.

ETT has created a system of video guides currently present in some museums of the Roman circuit: Capitoline Museums, Ara Pacis Museum and Trajan’s Markets-Imperial Fora Museum. They are available in 6 languages ​​(Italian, French, English , Spanish, German and Russian, only for the Capitoline Museums).

The videoguides are usable both through tablets that can be rented directly at the Museums, and on the mobile devices of the users who can download them freely from the main stores. In addition to photos and audio and video content, they also include experiences in augmented reality designed for an audience of all ages, which complete and enhance the visit. By purchasing the app it is also possible for users to download total 360 ° photographs. The contents are costumizable: it is possible to choose one of the different itineraries, each of which explores a specific historical topic.


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